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  1. Attached is what the video looks like before I am able to capture. The video's signal has so many "hiccups" in it that the no signal status prevents me from clicking capture.
  2. okay, how do I change the resolution?
  3. I'm trying to capture a vhs tape to my computer but as I am capturing, the video is shaky and the audio is constantly going into a deep or high pitch. I think there might be a problem with the video capture usb or my computer. DxDiag for roxio support.txt
  4. the video is still choppy after it is captured.
  5. Also, the video quality itself while being captured is a little choppy.
  6. Here's my computer info DxDiag for roxio support.txt
  7. I've been trying to capture a VHS tape to my computer but after it is done capturing, I play it back and notice that sometimes the sound changes to high pitch or low pitch. The display on some tapes is choppy and unsteady. The strange thing is that when I watch these tapes on a tv, there are no issues at all. I'm thinking the issue might be based on the video capture usb or maybe my computer itself. Any suggestions?
  8. After I capture a vhs tape to my computer, I watch the new digital version and notice that the sound sometimes has a deep and high pitch sound to it. I'm not sure exactly what might be causing that. I've had this problem for a while. Please help.
  9. dan_25

    Sound Issues When Converting A Vhs

    Yes I have played that tape to a tv before and it sounds just fine. And yes, the audio and video are both in sync. I noticed that I have been having the problem every 5 minutes or more when it is capturing. When I play the capture in a video player, I still have the problem. I sometimes have things running in the background, but not usually. Antivirus...Do you mean is it normally opened completely or just running in the background like normal? I do normally get rid of junk files, but I don't defrag. Maybe I should try this?
  10. Whenever I convert a vhs tape, there are some parts of the video where the audio sounds to deep in pitch. For example, if someone was talking on the video there voice sounds deeper for some reason. PLEASE HELP! I am using roxio creator 2011.