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  1. PC Gameboy

    Splt ~ Unrelated

    Okay to put this n more proper context, here's what I'm seeing on my laptop.... That's what I see before i get this crash box Any ideas as to what might be causing this? I have tried [u]EVERYTHING[/u] both in & out of the proverbial box & I AM AT MY WITS END !!! Cables ARE NOT an issue. They work with my TV & Playstation 3 with NO problem (I even get the Playstation 3 display on my TV) I'm SERIOUSLY inclined to GIVE UP on getting the Roxio to work & switch to the something like the Hauppauge HELP !!! Cheers & Happy Gaming
  2. PC Gameboy

    Splt ~ Unrelated

    Not to hijack the thread here but you're lucky you get THAT much. All I get is the FILE TOOLS HELP pull down menus & THAT IS IT until you get down to RECENT CAPTURES 7 anything below that And that's on MY OLDER LAPTOP !!! My Windows 8 CHOKES on this window. The end result is the whole program crashes While you may have a seperate issue that's causing a no signal, I think the MORE SERIOUS issue lies WITH THE SOFTWARE (More specifically Roxio Media Capture, which has seemingly has a long history of problems if you Google it). And the most FRUSTRATING part of it all is it seems like he Roxio Devs are relying ALMOST SOLELY & EXCLUSIVELY on the BAND AID SOLUTION WORKAROUNDS which the more technically savvy members of the community have come up with instead of doing what REALLY needs to be done to the software & it's installer - That is OVERHAUL IT (If not REPLACE it) If they're either not inclined to do that (Or simply don't have the manpower or other resources to do it), then what they NEED to do is simply FIX THE DRIVER whereas it will/can work with other programs (ALA Adobe FME, Debut, Open Source Broadcaster, etc) so THEY can be used to stream/capture whatever is coming from the Roxio If they're either not inclined to do EITHER, then what they NEED to do is simply STOP MANUFACTURING & SELLING HARDWARE THAT PEOPLE CANNOT USE !!! This is only ELEMENTARY LOGIC !!! Again, not to hijack the thread here but this is just a tiny microcosm of what I've been seeing & reading both here & elsewhere (And what the mods seem to be trying to ignore here but are undoubtedly finding it increasingly hard to do so) for FAR FAR TOO LONG !!! Anyway.....Enough with my rambling. Time to post..... Cheers & Happy Gaming
  3. I seriously doubt ANYONE is manning the store at Roxio HQ except (Maybe) those who keep churning out the Roxios (Unless THOSE jobs have been outsourced to some 3rd World or rogue country too) Age of this thread aside, if I ran a compatibility check on EACH & EVERY program I downloaded, I wouldn't have much on my computer IF ROXIO/COREL CANNOT KEEP THEIR STUFF UP TO DATE THEY SHOULD JUST CLOSE UP SHOP & GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY !!! Sorry if this sounds like yet another rant but it's JMO (Which just happens to fit what appears to be THE TRUTH !! ) Cheers & Happy Gaming
  4. PC Gameboy

    Missing White Cable !

    UPDATE..... Well I got a component cable today from Walmart however due to a lighting issue within my environment (It's dark now & lighting around the TV isn't the greatest), I currently can't which connector is hooked up to what socket in the back of my TV. All I know is I appear to have it hooked up right on the Roxio itself but due to the uncertanty of how things are hooked up in the back of the TV, I still can't "Wean" the Roxiooff the proverbial bottle (AKA HDMI cable) just yet (I fear it may also be that my TV may require an HDMI connection of some kind (Either directly from the PS3 itself or indirectly via the Roxio) in order to work properly AT ALL too) I did try plugging the non-console specific component cable in to the RGC output side too (It's on the RGC input side now) & the PS3 cable into the input side as well. The result of that was A MITIGATED DISASTER of NO audio or video So to summarize, here's the way things are connected now..... * NON-CONSOLE specific Component Cable I just bought today is plugged in from the RGC input to the back of the TV (Again, I have no idea why this isn't working according to instruction & won't be able to troubleshoot this until tomorrow) * CONSOLE specific Component Cable is plugged in from the PS3 to the output sie of the RGC * HDMI cable is plugged in from the output side of the RGC to the back of the TV This is THE ONLY way it'll work right now !!! Happy Gaming.... UPDATE Got the Roxio off the HDMI cable & onto Component but now for some strange reason NEITHER my Desktop NOR my Laptop will even detect the Roxio (I had to take the Roxio off my Desktop because it was disabling my external HD & I need that. It has since come back to life ). As for the laptop, the only other devices that are plugged in via USB are a mouse & keyboard (Seperate wired devices) & those are plugged into a USB Hub (I only have two ports in the laptop)
  5. PC Gameboy

    Separate Audio And Video Components

    What are you trying to capture that won't go through? Gameplay audio or just your microphone? If it's a case of the former, I don't know what to tell you as we need more specifics. If it's a case of the latter, check to see if your microphone isn't muted or has in Windows Volume Control (Every version I've seen tends to do this by default for some weird reason). You may also wanna check the mic gain too (NOTE - Mic Gain & Volume Control ARE NOT one & the same though mic gain is part of the Volume Control UI) as should be set to AT LEAST 20 db for decent mic volume Hope this helps..... Happy Gaming
  6. PC Gameboy

    Playstation Setup

    Well as I (Indirectly) mentioned in the newer thread, I managed to sharpen the picture & get rid of the right channel buzz so everything looks & sound normal HOWEVER I lack a second component cable (I've got a slew of A/V cables but they're all composite cables instead of component cables) and/or a USB cable longer than 10 ft. (I'm saving that for my webcam ) In my environment, I have TWO choices..... * Move the Playstation 3 & Roxio underneath the TV & stretch a 20 ft. USB cable from the Roxio back to the PC * Keep the Playstation 3 & Roxio where they are & stretch a 20 ft. component cable from the Roxio to the back of the TV The reason I say 20 ft. is so I not only have plenty of cord to work with but also to keep it safely out f the way as much as possible so it doesn't become a trip hazard like the 12 ft. HDMI cable I'm now using is But hey.....At least I can play games now Happy Gaming
  7. PC Gameboy

    Missing White Cable !

    OK on the cable. I can probably get one at Walmart (When I have no idea due to a lack of $$$ right now) As for the Roxio Tutorial, look for the PS3 setup YouTube video embedded within the Roxio software (Can't seem to switch to the YouTube website from there for some strange reason DESPITE clicking on the YouTube logo ). The Hauppauge ones I found on YouTube Hope this helps..... Happy Gaming
  8. PC Gameboy

    Missing White Cable !

    This is going to sound REALLY strange but the reason why the Roxio software isn't working with my Playstation & the Roxio itself is because I'm MISSING the WHITE component cable that goes FROM the TV to the Roxio. Your tutorial MAKES YOUR MENTION of that cable NOR is it included (IT SHOULD BE !!). If this cable is normally shipped with the Roxio, then mine didn't come with one Now I'm stuck. Here's my setup as it is now..... PLAYSTATION 3 - PS3 320 GB Slim with PS3 Component Cable (Onn HD A/V Combo Cable) ROXIO HD CAPTURE PRO - Aforentioned A/V cable plugged into BOTH sides of Roxio. HDMI cable also plugged in ALL Display Settings are according to Tutorial This is THE ONLY way my setup will run correctly at this point My question now becomes WHERE can I get this white component cable? Does it need to be an official one from Corel or would a 3rd Party cable suffice I need about 20-25 ft. in order to keep it out of the way (The HDMI cable I'm using now is only 12 ft. & it's a trip hazard) My only other alternative would be to get a double-ended component cable used for other things I SHOULD ALSO POINT OUT THAT I ONLY DISCOVERED THIS AFTER WATCHING USER GENERATED TUTORIAL VIDEOS FOR THE HAUPPAUGE PVR & SEEING A CONNECTED WHITE CABLE IN A ROXIO USED FOR THE OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION TUTORIAL BUT NEVER MENTIONED IN IT !!! HELP !! Happy Gaming
  9. PC Gameboy

    My Tv Won't Display 720P

    Yes it is. But that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Roxio or the RGC Pro What do you mean by "Legitimate" ?? DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THEY ARE VIDEOS PRODUCED BY END USERS ?? That means THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT WORK FOR ROXIO OR COREL !!! It also means that NEITHER COMPANY endorse them. If you're DUMB ENOUGH to consider those videos to be THE HOLY GOSPEL of video game capturing, you DO need help (Though not the help you're seeking here) Just WHAT do you think most of us were when you first started this thread ?? VIDEO PRODUCTION PROFESSIONALS ?? SERIOUSLY ?? Most (If not ALL) of us here ARE gamers (Apparently just like you) Good. Maybe you can take YOUR ATTITUDE with you to your friends in the VP industry. They might appreciate it more (Then again, maybe not) Sorry guys but even with all my problems & frustrations, I had to vent some frustration toward the OP as he/she thinks we're all supposed to be professionals (If not WORK for the company) & felt as though I had to set the record straight Cheers
  10. PC Gameboy

    Playstation Setup

    Scroll down a bit & you'll see the aforementioned link to the PDF With that, I have a HUGE update..... I took a chance on connecting the universal cable to the Roxio (It was already connected to the A/V port of the Playstation). I then connected the 12 ft. HDMI cable that I bought from Walmart yesterday (Which will be exchanged tomorrow for a 20 ft cable so I can put the Roxio back up on the desk & plug the HDMI cable that's plugged into the computer into it). The 20 ft. cable will connected the same way the 12 ft HDMI cable is connected now & will be plenty to not only stretch all the way from the desk where the Roxio is all the way to the TV but will also be easily kept out of the way in the process The end result has been a good picture (At times, it kinda looks like old late 1960s TV) but with a buzz in the background of the audio. I suspect this is because there's no HDMI cable going from the Roxio to the PC plugged in right now (Something which will be fixed tomorrow) As I speak, I'm playing the only game I have - MLB 13 The Show (I'm managing an overhauled Colorado Rockies squad ) Cheers
  11. PC Gameboy

    Runtime Error Through Windows Visual C++

    Like you have a virus or something that's causing the corruption..... Cheers & 73
  12. This isn't really a surprise because when it comes to Windows releases, hardware manufacturers (And many software developers too) usually wait until the FINAL release of Windows before they update the software & such Just sayin' Cheers
  13. PC Gameboy

    Playstation Setup

    I need HELP !!! First off, the setup guide Here is a COMPLETE JOKE as the setup part isn't simplified & split in half (One for PS3 the other for Xbox) like the menu settings are. This only adds to the confusion I have MEMO TO COREL - THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED !!! Back to my confusion - If BOTH the component cable AND the HDMI cable are plugged into the Roxio, WHAT GOES TO THE TV ??? Is it even possible to output the video TO MY TV via HDMI or am I forced to TIE UP MY PC MONITOR for this ?? The aforementioned instructions don't even cover this I'm SO CONFUSED I can't even begin to describe how I'm hooking things up beyond this NOTE - For anything lengthy, I need A MINIMUM of 12 ft. (Ideally for safety purposes, I'm looking at 20-25 ft). I've already got a 12 ft. HDMI cable & a 12 ft. component cable NOT manufactured by Sony (Best Buy has them onine if I need one) As I said before - HELP !!! DESPERATELY Yours,
  14. PC Gameboy

    Blank Screen On Output

    Will do chief Cheers
  15. PC Gameboy

    Blank Screen On Output

    Tried connecting the RGC to the Laptop & the ION to the Desktop too & it didn't work Looks like i got the WRONG USB VCD then (Thank you Best Buy - You were a real help - NOT this time so it would seem) One last trick I might try is connecting the RGC to my TV via component cable (I have a spare HDMI slot on the TV but I need to save that for when I get my Playstation) & connect the RGC to the ION & see if that will work (Yeah it'll take up my TV for PC gaming but my Playstation gaming will do that anyway) An alternative to plugging the component cable directly into my TV would be o plug it into my DVD or (Most likely since it's on even when the TV is off) my cable box as this would keep things on the TV just the way they are (As far as I know& can tell, all the neccssary jacks are available on the cable box) Would either of those do the trick? EDIT It should also be noted that my Laptop PC doesn't have the CPU horsepower to play all but maybe two of my PC games (The two exception being Star Defender 4 which I think my Laptop can easily handle & Alien Arena but I'm not as confident about the Laptop's ability to handle this one) on my Playstation. If I have to use my Laptop PC for gameplay, I'm gonna have to hope I can put Planetside 2 on my Playstation (Which I should be able to do since Sony is the developer) & PRAY I can find Playstation versions of Alien Hallway, Alien Shooter 2, Alien Terminator Deluxe, Alien Wars, Deadly Stars, Galaxy Invaders, Galaxy Strike, Star Shooter & StarRage too If this can't be done in whole or in part, I'll likely have to just do without (That would be sad to do as I really like Planetside 2 & am SHOCKED in a way yet also glad to see that Sony hasn't seen the need to put it on store shelves ) Cheers