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    Crw Raw Negatives

    I do not want to burn a jpeg file,I could do that with windows xp pro.But windows xp pro will not support a Raw image.That is why i am looking for a cd burning software that will support a CRW Raw image.Can you recomend a good software to do this.I do not care about a video software,just photos.
  2. breasons

    Crw Raw Negatives

    I am sorry I mean a CD BUrner Software So I can save my Raw negatives to a CD before anything is done to them.
  3. breasons

    Crw Raw Negatives

    Thank you for the tip about Corel's Paint Shop Pro,I already have Adobe Photoshop for editing. To answer you Question aboutWhat a Raw negativeis. A Raw negative is when you shoot a digital image in Raw format it becomes your negative,before any editing or sharpning is done.These Raw negatives are put on Cd's for safe storage,so you can go back later if a new technique comes out you can always go back and add it to your negative....Thanks
  4. breasons

    Crw Raw Negatives

    I have a Windows operating system and I am Looking For a CD Burner to burn Raw Images for Safe keeping.I have Looked on the internet but the sites I visted did not tell if it supported RAW Files.I did download a 15 day free trial and in order to get it I had to download a sercurity tool Bar,it waS avg i believe.Then I had a hard time getting rid of it after I downloaded.That made me so mad if I wanted security software"That I already have",Iwould have downloaded it.So I uninstalled the whole download.So that is the reason I am here hopeing You can help me find a Good CD Burner by Roxio......Thanks