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    Separate Audio And Video Components

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been covered but if it has been just feel free to drop the link in the reply. I want to a buy the Game capture pro card but i need to know if it can work with my current set up. I want to record PC games (and consoles in the future). My Video currently feeds through a HDMI cable to my monitor and my sound is directly into my headset from my mother board's on board sound (via 3.5mm headphone jack). My question is; can I run the video component through HDMI and then run the audio seperately through the audio ports on the device? How I imagine I would accomplish this is by running the video through HDMI cables as per intended. Then run the audio through the sound card in my PC via a 3.5mm jack (standard analogue headphone jacks) into a 3.5mm to 2xRCA adapter, then into the capture device, out to a 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack adapter then into my headset. Will this record audio and visuals in one file, all synced? Also can I run Audio and Video from a console in a similar fashion? I will be purchasing a small laptop to attach the capture device to, so details for that are unkown. my system is: intel core i7 3930k Asus nvidia gtx560ti Asus Rampage IV Formula (with on board sound card) 2TB HDD + 500GB HDD (no raid) 16GB RAM at 1333MHz Samsung TV/Monitor Thanks
  2. I'm not sure where this thread belongs but here will do for now. I have captured footage using my HD pro and it plays fine in VLC and windows media player as well as roxio's supplied media player, so the capture itself isn't the problem! I can use the provided software to edit the footage perfectly but the software is; slow and overly complicated and i would prefer to use premiere pro. When I go to edit my footage in CS6 Premiere Pro the audio gradually becomes more and more out of sync the longer the video goes for. For example at 1 minute the audio is synced perfectly however as the video plays through by the 30 minute mark it is out of sync by 2 seconds and by the end of the video its about 2.5 seconds out. There is NO finite point where the audio and video loose sync. Does any one have a fix for this? On a side note, I have research the problem and some have said it could be because of the videos bitrates'.
  3. TheOmegaPixel

    Editing Captured Footage With Premiere Pro

    Thanks for that, I saw the thread but disregarded when I was researching the problem because it only showed a work flow for Sony Vegas. Well I got it working in Vegas using this process but not premiere pro cs6. I just gave up on premiere when I found Vegas worked fine, I'll just adjust my usual workflow. For those looking for a fix with premiere pro cs6, you're going to have a hard time. Upon inspection I found that the bitrates were the issue with Game Capture HD Pro (GCHP) encoding the raw video into a .m2ts format giving it a variable bitrate for both the audio and the video. These in consist bitrates cause the audio drifting/lag to occur as Adobe has not programmed Premiere pro to perform such a task. This cannot be fixed as the GCHP has to use variable bitrates despite a constant one being set in the capture setting. A user over on the adobe forums posted the details of a copy of the raw video and the data showed the variable bitrate in the raw encoded video, you can have a look here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1180672 and look at the first reply. Hope this helps anyone looking for more information, but the "fix" is to use Sony Vegas as it can deal with the files after converting the raw footage as the thread Jim posted above a states. That thread is here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/84041-make-roxio-recorded-files-full-compliant-with-any-video-editor-vegas-power-director-adobe-premiere/ However the same process does NOT work with Premiere pro CS6, I've tried.
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    Separate Audio And Video Components

    I solved the problem by using a small tv as a new monitor so i can now run audio through the hdmi. I then just plug in my headset to the tv and have an extension cable for my headset's mic.
  5. TheOmegaPixel

    Separate Audio And Video Components

    Do you run the video through the hdmi cable when doing this? Or through the composite section (ypbpr)?
  6. TheOmegaPixel

    Separate Audio And Video Components

    I should just mention that I can hear the audio through the external speakers I have set up. So there is signal through both the hdmi and the audio.
  7. TheOmegaPixel

    Separate Audio And Video Components

    Ok so just an update, I bought a hd pro device and set it up but it isn't working as intended. I can capture video through the hdmi component but when I run the audio through the 2 RCA ports for audio I get nothing in my capture. I should mention that I can't get audio through my monitor so running audio along the hdmi component isn't an option. I can't find any option to select an audio device in the captures.