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  1. hieberter

    Videowave Is Desyncing Audio When I Load Video On It.

    If it's just at one point in the video where it lags for a second, the best makeshift solution I can think of is to split the audio and manually line it back up with where it's supposed to go. Click the audio track in the editor and move the playhead to the point where the audio falls back a second, and click on the split button (it looks like this: <|> it's blue and in the little toolbar above the timeline) and then manually drag the second portion of the audio track to where it should go. If it's the sound within the video file itself, right click on the video track on the timeline and select "Extract Audio" As for the root of the problem I don't know, this is just a bit of a fix you can apply to it after the fact.
  2. hieberter

    New To The Roxio Hd Pro

    I see no reason why it shouldn't work. I have an HDMI switch box and it works just fine with that. Analog signals (component) should have even lower chance than DVI / HDMI switch boxes of running into issues
  3. hieberter

    Videowave Freezes Frequently

    It's just changing graphical settings, not changing config files or interfering with how the GPU is intended to run or anything. Restoring to default Nvidia application settings incurred the same problem with glitchy captures, so I've now adjusting the different settings so that they only apply to the Capture program and the rest of the applications use the default settings. Still no change to Videowave. Will do some experimenting and report back if I come up with any solutions
  4. hieberter

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro - Not Working

    I don't know then. Seems people are having more issues trying to capture directly from a PC which I don't fully understand, HDMI signal shouldn't matter where it comes from as long as it doesn't have HDCP which a GPU would not. Sorry i wish i knew how to help
  5. hieberter

    Capture Pc Screen With Audio But Can't Hear Audio Myself

    Do some searching around if you haven't already - I can't think of what would cause such an issue. You haven't had this issue with the Xbox recording? Does the PC that you're gaming on have a dedicated sound card? Or do you use the integrated sound on a dedicated graphics card? Or do you use integrated graphics and sound? Does disconnecting the HDMI output from the Roxio and plugging it back in affect the sound? In the Roxio Capture software, does adjusting the sound (found at the bottom right of the preview window) make any difference in the sound? If nothing works you may need to use optical output directly from your PC to give sound to your speakers or headphones rather than relying on the HDMI passthrough. Sorry i can't be of more help
  6. hieberter

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro - Not Working

    I would try reinstalling the software. Keep the Gamecap unplugged. First go to device manager and uninstall the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro device. I think it's under display adapter category. Then put in the Roxio CD and uninstall the software. After that, reinstall it (don't plug in the device yet). After it is installed, restart your computer. Then plug the Gamecap into your computer with USB, then plug the HDMI devices into it and run the capture software. If it still doesn't work I'm not quite sure what the cause is... I had this problem at one point and reinstalling and fiddling around with how things were plugged in fixed it for me.
  7. hieberter

    Capture Length Question

    Do you mean doing an entire playthrough of the game Bioshock Infinite in a single file? Personally I would rather have each level or episode its own file just to make organisation and editing a little easier (name File "Bioshock" and each one will be numbered numerically to keep track of). Though there's nothing wrong with doing it all in one file and then just editing it out into individual episodes later. Whatever works for you.
  8. hieberter

    Videowave Freezes Frequently

    It is a desktop computer. Heat isn't much of an issue in this particular desktop, CPU temp never above 70 under full load and it doesn't underclock at all. As for the GPU settings in the NVidia control panel all I did was adjust the global application settings (stuff like Anisotropic filtering, vsync, ambient occlusion, etc.). When these settings were not set a certain way almost all of the captures were glitchy. After having set these the capture is usually problem-free though as I said there is the odd time where every recording in a session will be glitchy, but usually the entire session is fine - I don't fully understand the reasoning behind it, but it seems like it might be an issue where the application doesn't start out properly since either the entire recording session is perfect or glitchy. Probably around 1 out of 10 sessions is glitchy (so I suppose I could avoid the problem by doing a quick record test before starting the session to make sure there aren't any issues, and just restart the application if there are). Would 4GB of DDR2 RAM be a bit of a hindrance for Videowave considering Windows eats up a chunk of that for background processes? Is Videowave not fully compatible with Windows 8 perhaps? Seems most people are using Windows 7 or earlier.
  9. hieberter

    Videowave Freezes Frequently

    Hi I'm having some issues w/ both the capture software, but mainly the editing software. The problem with the capture software is occasionally getting glitched captures (for some reason happens more for the video game "Battlefield 3" than others, which I don't understand since my bitrate and recording quality are the same regardless of the game I play)... it either won't happen at all in a given recording session, or all of them will have issues with some distortion, skipped frames and artifacting in the file during that recording session (recording session defined as the time from opening the software to closing it). Not sure what causes this. Mainly the problems are with the editing software. It freezes very easily which requires me to then force close the application. It is most frequently caused by splitting a clip, but also happens semi-regularly from adding audio files to the project. My computer is as follows: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 4GB (2x2) DDR2 memory EVGA GTX 560 1GB Windows 8 64-bit I would think my computer should be good enough, I recall the system requirements saying 2GHz (I know clock speed isn't an extremely accurate gauge of processor's speed & efficiency) dual-core. Is the C2Q just a little too old? 4GB of DDR2-333MHz RAM not enough (guessing not this since i rarely see the program use above 500MB of RAM)? Roxio software not completely compatible with Windows 8? Also had numerous issues with capture that was a 100% chance of it not working properly but I fixed that with mechtech's video linked in the thread "Main Reasons for Glitchy Captures Solved"... had to tweak the GPU settings a certain way which seems weird since it uses the CPU to record/write the video to file judging by my CPU & GPU usage while recording. So if anyone has consistently glitchy captures you may want to check out that video in this thread, it helped a lot. But any insight regarding the cause for the freezing of VideoWave is appreciated!