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    Roxio Won't Even Open

    Haha, thanks so much. If you need any proof I actually bought the device I would be happy show you any pictures. I will take better care of my things.
  2. Skulluk

    Roxio Won't Even Open

    I have already looked for the disc but I can't find it. Should I call customer support, because my warranty ticket thing ran out 6 months ago.
  3. So I haven't used the game capture in a while and so I set it up on the tv and when I went to open the actual application for it, it opened the selection screen of "Capture" or "Edit". I clicked on capture and it just flashed the little orange loading screen for about half a second and then went away. It never opened up, but the selection screen was still there. It worked when I used like 2-3 months ago, but it doesn't now and is incredibly frustrating. All I want is to use the product I paid for. Please help me.