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  1. What kind of comparison? Properties would not give you the info. And they do work in other computers just not any of the DVD players and all but one of mine are DivX players and play all my older (windows 7 and Vista) home burned discs loaded with DivX files.
  2. BTW, I DID try 2 Magnavox that I had sitting here from my last big Windows 7 burn and though 98 of them worked fine the last 2, burned on Windows 8 machine (same software versions though) did NOT work in the video players
  3. I went back in some old DVDs that I recorded on my Windows 7 machine and they are on the Verbatim just like these and they play fine in the Philips machine and were burned using the same software programs: When the Roxio DVD Creater and Roxio software that came packaged with my Roxio Video Capture didn't work, I used my AVS disc Creator, the Windows 8 burn, Nero, DivX burner and they all work in all the computers but not in the DVD player but I have used all (but the Nero) on Windows 7 for hundred of movies in DivX and AVI format and they worked fine on this Philips player and the old ones still work beautifully every night when I watch from my library. I just can't seem to add to it.
  4. Another brand even if these discs work in this computer and other computers just not in my DVD-R/Player? All the computers can read and play the AVI & DivX files on these discs. And the DVD-R/Player on the TV can play copies of DVDs on these discs just not these DivX or AVI or MOV or FMV or MP4 like it usually does and still does on al the hundreds of others done before, even the Verbatims.
  5. By the way, all the discs play fine on my other computers but (windows 8 down to XP) but only the Windows 8 machine still has a DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW drive that writes - the others only read as they are getting old & tired.
  6. My Phllips DVD Recorder/Player normally plays everything easily and plays many formats from Video (standard DVD format) to DivX, Mpeg4, MOV, AVI and so on. I have been trying to play disks I made on my Windows 8 laptop and keep getting the error message "playback feature may not be available on this disk." n I know it isn't the brand of disc as I have used the Verbatim to make standard DVD format recordings on another DVD-R/player I have and played those fine on the Phillips. All my previously recorded DivX file discs play fine (I have hundreds of them. I have not had this problem before. I tried UDF and Joliet System structures. I used my Roxio software, my Divx software and my AVS software and got the same error message. Is it the Windows 8? I did the other hundreds on my Windows 7 machine but the DVD drive died on that one, probably from overuse. :-) Can anyone give me some advice on this issue? I don't normally have problems like this and do a lot of videos in AVI and DivX where I can get 40-60 video files on one 4.3G disc and sometimes more if I reduce the resolution because the DVD-R and TV fill in but this time I have tried everything up to 1080p from 320x140.