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  1. Well now im sure the device won't even work properly. I got everything plugged in and my computer is aware of this ,but I just don't know anymore. I might jus have to buy a whole new capture card and im debating if it should be a Roxio or not. Since the capture card its self is alright , but the program is the best and easy editor I prefer. I really do appreciate all the work and suggestions you've helped me with. But now I think the capture card is done cause I cant even produce a picture for my tv and laptop.
  2. okay so I have the program now how to I use it correctly.
  3. What will this [rogram do I downloaded it now what
  4. I cant find razor game booster and the setting I will have to check I haven't rendered a video in over 3 weeks
  5. Never mind my hopes were really high and just got shot down. :/ I was about to record in over 3 weeks and the screen tears came bAck. I even lowered my bitrate down to 8000. So I think My RGC Pro might just be broken. Prior to this calamity everything worked fine. I could record in 15000 birate.(but after rendering they would be in 480p regardless) now everythings messed up and idk what to do.
  6. so the screen tears stopped . but now im worried about the quality of the video. Now my videos on my youtube channel aren't 720p. But I would like my videos to be clear as that.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion I really appreciate it I try it all out and post my results.
  8. http://gyazo.com/229e5a896e8ce4f1f3b76ce407504343 and if anyone wants me to email a whole video let me know. The green part is not stationary btw the whole video has tears after recording.
  9. You want me to add a video or take a screen cap?
  10. I used to record in 1080p but after editing the videos they would always be 480p . But when I learned that the game capture pro cant really record in 1080p I used 720p and switched my xbox360 resolution settings to 720p to record. Then arounf there is when screen tearing on the recorded footage would happen. It was so distorted that the footage is un viewable and cant even edit my commentaries over it because of how bad it is.
  11. http://gyazo.com/c16b031bba52a38d43f2bcbf5b45f911 theres my system settings
  12. I still cant locate it in my computer...
  13. I have 2 hdmi cables running through the capture pro. One connected to the back of my xbox the other to my tv. where would I go for specs?
  14. Ive been using the hd pro since may and experienced the preview glitches but it would go away after I would capture footage. The other day I tried to record some gameplay and the preview screen was glitchy. But if you looked at my tv it was fine. When I brought the footage to edit in the videowave the footage appeared like it did on the preview screen. screen tears in green and yellow and black . The footage was unsable. Can someone help me? And ik its not the laptop I use .