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  1. Yes.....I am still trying to figure it out
  2. Nope never got to figure out that issue -.- The video after the recording is fine....I am still researching. the program freezes when I try to trim more than 1.30 of my video. I don't know why it's doing this because the program was doing that just fine not to long ago. Regards,
  3. I really disappointed in this product now.... When I am editing my gameplay videos and trimming it to match my audio.....the FREAKING SOFTWARE CRASHES ON ME. Also, I was using it yesterday and there was no issues with it before. Everything on my gaming labtop is updated. So i do not know why this freaking thing is crushing on me. If someone can help me.
  4. I still cant figure out the issue of the visual problem on the preview screen when recording; however, when I review the video and it's perfectly fine -.-..... it's just really distracting to me. If anyone can figure this out that would great. Thanks for your responses.
  5. @ MrDerpski I do use audacity and I do sync it with the video but I have encounter that the in game video audio is lagging at times, but this happens at random. I just want to know how to resolve at issue. Question in regards to live commentary because I will be getting a gaming headset to connect to the game capture. Will this allow me to do live commentary because it is directly connected to my source on the game cap? Thanks .
  6. I am using my TV, but my issues with the lag is when I do my live Commentary...the audio is not sync. Any tips ? I am using the standard ps3 component cables that is included with my ps3. I will have to go buy some to see what happen, but can you think of anything else affecting the preview screen.
  7. My set up is TV to -Hdmi- to Game cap on the output ps3 to -component- to Game cap for input. usb to labtop setting on ps3 component / d-terminal and audio input connector/ scart/av multi. I basically followed the instruction on the document that I got. also, what about the lag issue? Thanks for your response.
  8. Hi, I just myself the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and having some issues with using the software. 1. On the preview screen on capture the color is all green and distorted; however, it doesn't show up when I review the video. 2. When recording I notice lag during the game play from my screen to my game capture. My labtops specs: -intel core i7-2630QM 2Ghz -Ram 16GB -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M -I am pretty sure I updated everything Please someone help me resolve these issues.