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    Capture Video

    Thanks for the advice, but i am looking for Efficiency, Capture video was very efficient with just one naming and save to folder in one step, not multiple folders with mutiple naming, thanks but no thanks, i will look for other options.
  2. Zbq1985

    Capture Video

    I use Media import because I can name the videos as they are downloaded. Since I video basketball games, that is handy in keeping all of the video from any particular quarter all together without having to type or paste the name multiple times
  3. Zbq1985

    Capture Video

    Camera connects via usb. Windows media player does not work either, no videos get downloaded. this same video camera works fine when used with NXT2. Now connecting to a new laptop and decided to upgrade to NXT 3.
  4. Zbq1985

    Capture Video

    My Video Capture on NXT3 is not working with my Sony HDR-XR350. There is no error code. The capture screen searches and then states the capture device was lost. OS-Windows 8, i7 processor. Please Help