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    Main Reason For Glitchy Captures Solved.

    I do this but i don't record a webcam i use Audacity to record my voice seperately and it has worked fine for a while with great quality but just recently it has started glitching out allot and my PC does meet the specifications. could it just be the heat ?? PC Specs : AMD FX -4100 Qaud-Core-Processor 16.0 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD7770 Graphics card the only reason i can think my computer is glitching is that its overheating due to it being summer ??
  2. JohnA974

    Glitchy-Ness While Recording

    Why is my recording going glitchy on certain games even though my computer can more than handle the software and i have tested it before with previous recordings and its fine any help would be appreciated.