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  1. Update: I still don't have an answer to the problem. I returned the product for a refund and purchased a different product at Radio Shack which was $20 less and does the same thing and .......more importantly it install's and works out of the box. I will say this however, I doubt Roxio knows how much business they lose from what appears to be an " anti theft procedure " that could easy be corrected with a brief phone call. I seldom purchase retail box so this is the first time I encountered this situation. I'm still not sure if it's a Wal Mart or Roxio issue but I found out I don't want to deal with either of them for support. Have a nice day. Thanks Jim for your reply and I am inclined to believe it is a Wal Mart issue as they have had other issues with their computer system and the employees that use them.
  2. I wish I had this option however I recently retired and moved to a small town in south Ga. and Wal Mart is the only thing available within 60 mi. which really makes it frustrating. Perhaps I can find the cable at Radio shack and download functional software.
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    Product Is Not Activated?

    Another case of the same. It appears the retail store (Wal Mart in my case) must activate the software at the register during check out. I don't know the mechanics of this procedure however the box indicates it must be scanned twice ( two bar codes) in a particular order to activate. When I returned my first retail box for a refund the register indicated it de-activated the product which makes one assume it was activated when I returned it. Regardless, I now have a second retail box doing the same and will return it today. Is this a Wal Mart issue to prevent theft or a Roxio issue to prevent theft? Wal Mart employees have no clue and Roxio provides no phone support. It would appear the day has come when it is easier to use pirated software than to purchase it.
  4. Purchased new retail box version of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 from Wal Mart today. Cashier scanned box twice to activate " I was told". Started installation-entered product key- dialogue box pops up " Product not Activated". Returned to Wal Mart returned product for new copy of same product and asked cashier with management to please make sure product is scanned twice and activated. Returned home with same results. Registered product online but still can not install because of " Product not Activated" when product key is entered. Computer is homebuilt - AMD Phenom II X6 Processor 3.30 Ghz- 8 gig Ram- Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit . Do we really need to jump this many hurdles to use a purchased product?