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    Streaming Via Obs According To Official Guide

    Hey there Jim, thanks for the reply, I actually fixed the problem using a different method, I had to go into my NVidia controllera settings, and under 3D settings change it to "let the 3D application decide, like so:
  2. Hey there, there is an official guide on here saying i can stream by capturing a specific region of the window using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) (guide found here: http://corel.force.com/roxio/articles/en_US/Master_Article/000016646-How-to-Live-Stream-on-Twitch-using-Game-Capture-HD-Pro-and-Open-Broadcaster-Software?retURL=%2Froxio%2Fapex%2FrSelectProduct%3Flang%3Den_US%26family%3DRoxio%2BProducts%26product%3DGame_Capture%26version%3DRoxio%2BGame%2BCapture%2BHD%2BPRO%26category%3DRoxio_Game_Capture_HD_PRO&popup=true ), but for me, that section of screen is scrambled, despite the guide indicating it shouldn't be. I can capture just fine, there are no problems with screenshots or videos taken within the program, but the preview portion of the window is scrambled, as you can see in the attached screenshot. I haven't been able to find any way to fix this, can anyone here help?
  3. Hey there, before anything, i just want to add the disclaimer that i have checked the FAQ and not found anything directly pertaining to my question. First, the audio is very quiet, which i think i know how to fix, second; even though the game audio is very quiet it still overpowers the audio from my microphone by a huge amount, and i suspect that increasing the volume on the capture settings would only worsen this issue. Is there some way to increase the volume of my microphone input? i haven't been able to find a slider or anything within the program's own settings. Thanks in advance.