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    No Video Signal: I Have Sound But No Video

    I installed the latest security update (I checked the manual!)and it now works again. Thanks for your quick response tho
  2. I have been using 2.0.1 with reasonable results for three months but when I upgraded from os x 10.6.2 to 10.6.8 I only get a green screen. I get no video signal. I do however get sound. I have tried different dongles (also roxio vhs to dvd), different laptops (also running 10.6.8), different vhs players, different cables all to no avail. I am an experienced mac user and can only see this as a software issue. It is not possible that all the cables , all the dongles, all the laptops etc have simultaneoulsy developed the same issue. Please help if you have come across this issue and fixed it. screen shot.tiff