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  1. I am not sure if I will be able to explain this very well, but I will try my best. I have a 32 inch television that has a VGA cord running into my computer so that I can use a bigger screen than my laptop has. I use the VGA input on my TV to see my computer screen. When using my playstation 3 I use the Component Input on the TV to see my playstation while playing. When I have the capture card program running I can see the visuals from my playstation while the input is on VGA to see my computer, but the program on my laptop screen will not show the visuals from my playstation 3. I have tried removing the VGA cord completely and the problem still persist with a black screen on my laptop, but when I hook it back up the visuals return on the TV when the VGA input is on. Does any of this make sense and if it does, how do I fix it? UPDATE: I can not get XSplit to pick up the Roxio device to stream now either.
  2. Anthrophobic

    Roxio Capture Card Sd Black Screen

    Update: Seems that in the time it took me to find this forum, register an account and post for help that my program has started showing the screen. How is this possible? How can the program only have sound and then in 5 minutes time just start showing a visual?
  3. I hooked everything up last night when I received the card in the mail and installed the program. After hooking everything up, it worked fine. The sound was perfect, the video was perfect. I recording some video of me playing and then shut off my PlayStation and computer and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and attempted to record some more game pay footage, when the program loads I have sound, but just a black screen. Anyone have any idea how I got here? I have not changed any settings what so ever and the device will not show me a picture, just sound.