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    Low Volume With Game Capture Hd Pro

    Well I dug a bit deeper and there's a volume slider in the software window directly below the live feed from your capture device. That volume slider apparently does control the output of the volume to the monitor/TV because I upped it to 100% and it was very loud again on my TV. I screen captured it below from the Roxio YouTube video because I'm not currently at home. Thanks for the help!
  2. praeix

    Low Volume With Game Capture Hd Pro

    Jim, Yes when I took that screen capture, I was on the HDMI input for my computer that's also hooked up to the TV. Basically my setup is as follows: Samsung 55" LED TV HDMI 1 - Cable TV input HDMI 2 - Xbox 360 HDMI 3 - Home Server PC The Roxio is inbetween the 360 and HDMI 2 now. I also have the USB running from the Roxio to the same Home Server PC that is connected to HDMI 3. When I took that screenshot, I switched to HDMI 3 to verify the screenshot. Before I purchased the Roxio unit, when I was on HDMI 2 playing the 360, my volume was so loud that I could turn the TV down to 8-10 or so and it would be an acceptable volume. After purchasing the unit and hooking it up, I need the volume up to about 20 or so on HDMI 2 just to hear it. What would putting an HDMI splitter between the Xbox and Roxio device do? What would I be checking for? I guess my main question is, does the Roxio act itself as a splitter and does this in turn decrease the signal strength of the HDMI signal, therefore decreasing the volume? If that's the case, wouldn't a splitter decrease the volume even further? Again, I'm just asking because I don't know. I know that if you split coaxial cable, you're going to lose signal strength over distance. I don't know if that's the case with HDMI or not and furthermore, I don't know if the Roxio is even capable of causing that or if losing volume intensity is even a byproduct of "halving" the signal strength...
  3. praeix

    Low Volume With Game Capture Hd Pro

    Sorry Jim, but that's not it. I probably should've specified. It's when I'm actually on the input that the 360 is connected to and playing live. Just to double check though I did look at my mixer settings and they're cranked across the board.
  4. I've noticed that when I run a direct HDMI line from my Xbox 360 to my TV, the volume is considerably louder than when I have it run through the Game Capture HD Pro. Does anybody else have this issue? Is this normal because it's splitting the HDMI feed? I appreciate any input.