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    Roxio Backontrack

    So it is a "bugfix" in the installer! They should put it in their support site.
  2. RAPR

    Roxio Backontrack

    Thanks for that. It now works. There were a couple of files downloaded when I checked for updates. I presume this was a bug-fix.
  3. RAPR

    Roxio Backontrack

    Well does back on track work or not? If not what are Roxio or Corel doing about it? Should it be included in Roxio NXT at all?
  4. RAPR

    Roxio Backontrack

    I have NXT version;
  5. I can't get this to run. I have repaired the installation but no luck. A message comes up that the service cannot run, maybe it is not installed properly. HELP.