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    Captures Then Stops

    Well I guess I solved the problem I was having. The issue I was having is irrelevant at this point, just know that when I move the recording window onto my second monitor, it wouldn't let me record. Why? I have no Idea.
  2. TropicHazards

    Captures Then Stops

    It didn't work :'( I can record it on screen to show you guys if you would like.
  3. TropicHazards

    Captures Then Stops

    I doubt it, as it has been working fine up until now, but ill give it a try
  4. TropicHazards

    Captures Then Stops

    hdmi connection hooked up to a monitor
  5. TropicHazards

    Captures Then Stops

    SPECS: 10gb Ram, AMD Radeon HD 7450- 1gb, AMD FX 3.50GHz
  6. TropicHazards

    Captures Then Stops

    Okay, so heres my problem. Ill start recording and then after like one second, the preview screen will flash a purpleish color then go black. After It will return to normal, but it has stopped recording. By stopped recording I mean It will let me press the "stop recording" button, but the time elapsed stays at 0 and the file size stays at 0. Now if the capture is continuing then how can this be? If I am able to press "stop recording" then how does the file size and time elapsed stay at 0? Also note that after the preview screen flashes the purpleish color then goes to black, there is a file that pops up at the bottom of the screen where a file would normally be after recording. But.... It is only like 1 sec long. The exact time it takes from once I start recording, to the time the preview screen flashes. Also note that this problem just started happening. Please HELP MEEEEE