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  1. When creating a MediaBook, you add photos and videos to the Tray on the right. How do you get rid of images and videos that you don't want in the tray anymore, like ones you didn't use? I can access the MediaBook App folder (ProgramFiles\WindowsApps\CorelCorp.RoxioMediaBookUltimate), but I don't see which folder or file contains the images and videos that I would like to discard.
  2. Robynmiller

    Mediabook Ultimate Photo And Video Assets Removal?

    This product has such great potential, but is, for all practical purposes, unusable. Since I can't remove unused photos, my sidebar is full, and it won't let me add any more new ones. Bummer. Until some more user controls and options are added, including a layout page for text, this App is no more than a low level beta. Not being able to remove unused photos and videos from your project, is akin to not being able to remove uninstalled apps from the Windows 8 App history manager. Coincidence?