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    V2.0.1 - Green Screen Of Doom

    Hi ogdens, thanks for the response. Yeah, installed the software first and then plugged the device in. Also, definitely getting a good signal out of the VCR. It's frustrating!
  2. Where to begin. Bought this software in good faith hoping to get some old VHS tapes of my band onto the web. What a crock this has turned out to be. Hooked the video up to the composite cables, launched the software, it asked for the dongle to be connected which I did...and nothing. Audio but no video. Just the green screen of doom (which has taken over from the blue screen of death...not that I get that on my mac) I've tried using scart->composite cables and plugging those into the device...no dice. I've scoured the forum and the on,y responsive I've ever seen is "make sure you launch the software before you plug in the device"...unfortunately, it didn't work. I'm incredibly disappointed that something advertised as "Easy" is most definitely not...I wonder if I can get my money back as this product is definitely not fit for purpose. I'm running a Mac book pro with OSX v10.8.4