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  1. Try going into the device manager, with the game capture device installed. Unplug it, and refresh the list of devices. Plug it back in, refresh the list. Now delete the items that are associated with the game capture device. Unplug the device, set it aside, and reboot.


    Now uninstall and reinstall the Game Capture software.


    Now plug in the device.


    See what it shows up as.


    Followed your step, still getting the same stuff as the picture above :-/


    I'll probably try going through your steps again, but anything else you can think of if I get the same result again?

  2. So trust me when I say this guys, I have searched this forum quite a bit to find a solution. If I missed the one I'm looking for, I apologize.


    I've tried deleting the drive, turning off the computer, turning it back on and doing the repair and plugging the device back in. Step by step.


    I haven't even been able to get to the point where I have like a 'Roxio HD Cap' show up under my Sound, video and game controllers section like I see a lot of people have.


    All I have is TRANSCODER with an exclamation logo on it. The only other thing that looks suspicious is this thing under Intel WiUSB called 'USB-IF xHCI USB Host Controller' and it has a exclamation logo on it as well, I have no idea if it's related or not.


    I'm using Windows 8.


    I've not gotten anything to show up in the Roxio program, it hasn't acknowledged the device at all.

  3. Okay I was able to get a friend to give me their CD since they never used it.


    I have the program installed; however, it's not detecting my Roxio GameCap HD Pro.


    It appears that on my device list it's recognized as a TRANSCODER....


    I understand that's happening because I should have installed the software first (I thought originally if I plugged the device in it may do it automatically since I had no disc at the time)



    Any idea on how I may fix that? Thanks!