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  1. Have tried BOTH ways - direct to disc and "recording" first then trying to burn to disk. Tried DVD-R, DVD+R and even DVD+R DL. There's nothing more to say than it hangs for over an hour at 97% complete then indicates there was a problem with writing the to the disk. How about ASKING me what you need to know to help - if I knew the exact issue or what information was needed to get someone to help, I wouldn't be here talking about it. It will sit at 97% STUCK NOT MOVING for over an hour - this has been repeated several times because the error message indicates a problem writing to the disk. Moves along fairly quickly until it gets to 97% then nothing.
  2. I ABSOLUTELY JUST DON'T BELIEVE IT - even the "Repair" feature hangs and refuses to move !! Give me a break - this is ridiculous! Uninstall - here we come.
  3. Okay - so here we go.....if I waste one more disk on this program not finishing or having some kind of unknown error in writing to the disk after it's been at 97% for over an hour....I'm going to scream! I have Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Build: 301B37A ENU System: Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit INtel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz RAM: 3GB Is there a patch, update/upgrade (FOR FREE, ROXIO) that will end this additional stress?!?!?! A different build that can be loaded? Some type of suggestion (other than screaming at this thing)? Thanks! K