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    Video_Ts Conversion - Poor Quality

    Thanks again, but it's still the same low quality I'm afraid. I've been looking for a solution for this for a long time now and seems like it isn't possible to keep the same quality as the original when converting. Could I try any other methods?
  2. WG_Grace

    Video_Ts Conversion - Poor Quality

    Thanks for the reply tsantee. But I'm still getting the same sort of result with your settings as I did previously. Also the dimensions have reduced to 640x480 from 768x576. Could you recommend any other solutions? Thanks
  3. WG_Grace

    Video_Ts Conversion - Poor Quality

    Hi I've got some home videos recorded from my Sony Handycam that I wanted to convert from the Video_TS folder so that I can edit the videos in iMovie or any other editing software. I've tried using Toast and Handbrake etc but I'm not getting the same quality as the original source. The videos are of sporting action with a ball moving at high speeds, which plays fine with the original Video_TS files but when I convert it doesn't result in the same smooth movement of the ball as it did in the original and is a little bit patchy. The conversion is decent but not quite good enough. Would appreciate any help with the issue and is there any way I can convert those videos for editing with perfect quality? Thanks