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  1. I have 60fps video files I wish to use videowave to export. If I take the completely unedited solid clip and export it at 60fps, it works. However, when I trim the clip down to the parts I want to be used, when I try to export the clip, it does not render at all. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. Decertilation

    Uploading Issues

    I think I got it to work, I'll try to upload now, thanks.
  3. Decertilation

    Uploading Issues

    It outputs as a .dmsm file, and unless transcoded by Roxio to Youtube, it stays that way. I have't found a way to export it as a different file type.
  4. Decertilation

    Uploading Issues

    So, I got my capture card in December last year, and when I try to upload videos it'll say it's finished uploading to YouTube, but the video itself never shows up. I know I'm on the right account, I've also gotten about 4 videos to upload, but after that no such luck doing it again.