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    Unknown Capture Error

    Hi I Recently Purchased the Roxio Game Capture (For Consoles) from Maplin for £79.99 I have hardly any problems until now i was recording some Game play on My Xbox 360 i looked over at my PC and noticed the screen was all pixelated and the color was all over the place so i stopped the Recording and then i revived the error Message Unknown Capture Device so i Closed Roxio Game Capture then re-opened it and got the same error as soon as it finished Loading i have tried Uninstalling with no success so i have written this post to see if any of you could shine some light on the situation as it is really frustrating me Here is the Message i am receiving when i try to load roxio game capture Also Here is my system info Thanks Jordan
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    Hi i Just Purchased The Roxio Game Capture from Maplins I Set up the capture card and just started to install the drivers of the disk i put in the code and waited for it to verify it was successful then my laptop went into power saving mode shortly after when i went back on to the pc it said rolling back so i waited 5 more minutes and it said installation canceled so i thought nothing of it i got back to the same part of the installation of putting the code back in and a red cross comes up next to it sayin that the code had been used so now it will not install what can i do ???