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    Dvd And .mov Won't Play

    I have an imovie that I created on my ipad. I have saved it in my documents on my pc. I went to MyDVD and attempted to import the movie. It says "Add movie operation failed 8004005"
  2. jskingsley

    Dvd And .mov Won't Play

    when I imported the imovie, the file was only green. After hours of trying different things, I just put in a blank disc, and drag and dropped the file on the picture of the disc. Do i need to save the .mov file as something else?
  3. jskingsley

    Dvd And .mov Won't Play

    When I attempted to import the movie, the movie was green. When I put the blank dvd in, I just drug the movie and dropped it on the picture of the disc. The movie downloaded. It will play on the pc but not on my dvd player, I am just wondering what type format do I need to save the .mov to, so that it will play.
  4. jskingsley

    Dvd And .mov Won't Play

    I'm trying to burn an imovie on a DVD-R and DVD+R (because I cant get either one to work) that will play on my home dvd player. Is it the format that I am burning it in? Is there a way that I can re-format the .mov so that it will play on a dvd player?