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    Roxio Capture Software

    WOW trying to help someone out and you threaten me with a ban PS when has hosting a driver been classed as a illegal download LOL You may as well go ahead and ban me then PS to everyone out there using the Roxio don't use the software the device comes with as it's crap use GamerCap and you want regret buying the Roxio and don't put up with someone saying "it's your PC" all the time "Good night and god bless this is Eyerex signing out"
  2. Eyerex

    Roxio Capture Software

    Yes there is you can backup the driver with software like Driver Genius Was upgrading my main OS SSD the other day so made a backup of the Roxio driver with Driver Genius then just installed the driver and use GamerCap capture software Have a backup of my driver which is from windows 8.1 so if you are running windows 8.1 and you want to try it i can post a link, just not sure if it will work on another PC or other OS as tried windows 7 and it wouldn't install
  3. Eyerex

    Glitchy Video | Roxio Game Cap Hd [Wii U]

    Do you have maybe a YouTube link to your game captures ? Ps Sorry Oblivion for hijacking this thread
  4. Eyerex

    Glitchy Video | Roxio Game Cap Hd [Wii U]

    Well if your not Tech Support stop telling everyone it's there PC which is the problem
  5. Eyerex

    Glitchy Video | Roxio Game Cap Hd [Wii U]

  6. Eyerex

    My New Youtube! :d

    Already done
  7. Eyerex

    My New Youtube! :d

    Added you to my subscriptions
  8. Eyerex

    Can't Record 60Fps On Xbox 360

    No worries gaming videos do look better at 59fps lovely and smooth just a shame when you upload to YouTube there converted back to 29fps i think Vimeo lets you upload 59fps videos but they don't like gaming videos which is shame Another way to watch 29fps videos at 59fps is to use SVP SmoothVideo Project From site SVP allows you to watch any video on your PC file with frame interpolation (like you can watch it on high-end TVs and projectors). It increases frame rate by generating intermediate animation frames between existing ones to produce very smooth, fluid and clear motion. The technology is well-known for a while ("TrimensionDNM", "Motion Plus", "Motionflow" and others), but now it's available for free to PC users with simple GUI and just a couple of mouse clicks. Bewared you need a PC with plenty of grunt ie a good GPU and CPU for it to work Ps use at your own risk as i've only used a few times so a noob when it comes to setup but it sure does look good when running
  9. Eyerex

    Can't Record 60Fps On Xbox 360

    Hello you have to set your XBox 360 to output at 720 then you can record at 59fps if the game supports it like Forza 4 Same capture at different output below Ps remember if you upload vids to YouTube there always converted to 29fps
  10. Eyerex

    Sluggish Editing In Videowave

    I'm running a PC with 16GB of memory with files being edited from a SSD and i found it Dog Slow even with small video files so in the end bought VideoReDo which can be used to edit out parts of video you want to save plus convert to other formats
  11. Eyerex

    Glitchy Graphics After 20+ Mins Of Use

    If you don't think the software needs an update your living in cloud cuckoo land
  12. Eyerex

    Glitchy Graphics After 20+ Mins Of Use

    Hello i was having the same sort of problem and the way i fixed it was to have everything up and running and then click the + or - button on the quality slider so the capture screen does a refresh then click the start capture button I can now capture all night long sometimes being 4 or 5 hours without problems as before i was having the same problem of glitchy video and tried everything so fingers crossed this helps
  13. I'm using Windows 8 without any problems http://youtu.be/UzcWAHPMvKs
  14. Eyerex

    Xbox 360 Hardware Issue

    Doesn't the Acer H213H have a HDMI input socket as wondered why you dont just take the output from the Roxio into the HDMI ?
  15. Eyerex

    Show Us Your Captures

    No worries delete post just though it would be nice to see peoples setup and just a couple of vids