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  1. On my iMac, I went from Toast Titanium 16 to straight to version 19, missing any versions in between. I archived the old version 16 in a sub folder. I now want to remove the old version completely but the installer is indicated as no longer working under Catalina. Is it true that when I installed version 19 the support files for 16 were replaced? If so, I will simply move 16 to the Trash.
  2. If I upgrade from Toast 10 Pro to Toast 18 Pro, will I be able to continue to use Toast Dynamic Writing to use Blu-Ray rewritable discs like any other removable storage device? I used this feature of Toast 10 quite a lot prior to Catalina. I’m sure I will need to use it again sometime.
  3. Hoof Hearted

    Burning Stops Mid-Way Through In El Capitan

    I'm using Toast 10 (v10.0.9) on a new iMac running Mac OS 10.11.6.. It is the latest update available as far as I can tell because the "About Toast 10 Titanium" Info box comes up blank. When copying from one DVD to another using 'Disc copy' in Toast 10 the burn sticks at various stages midway through writing Track 1. On one occasion it stopped during disk verification. There is no error message and mostly the only way forward is to force quit Toast. Even if the 'Cancel' button is not greyed out, selecting it does nothing. Also the DVD's icon disappears from the Desktop and details of the drive disappear from my "About this Mac" report. Sometimes the DVD burns led continues flashing. At other times it stops flashing. It is currently stuck writing track 1 at 69% with 4.09 minutes remaining to completion. I don't think the Mac going into sleep mode has anything to do with this. The burner is an LG BPO6LU10 (ROM version HL03) Super multi Blue Blu-ray Disk Rewriter. The drive play movies back fine.
  4. Hoof Hearted

    Interface Error -32030 : The Connection Is Not Stable.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Tsantee. I went back to my old iMac. It's a Mid 2007, 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo currently running Mac OS 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion). Using Toast 10 I was able to run off eight copies of my DVD on the remaining (Verbatim as it happens) DVD-R disks. Some were with the source disk in the iMac's internal optical drive; some with the source disk in the LG Blue Ray drive. Not a hint of a problem. I read your reply today at work. In my lunch break I discovered that LG does indeed have available a firmware upgrade for my BlueRay drive - version HL04 in fact. When I got home I interrogated my 2007 iMac and it revealed that my LG Blue Ray drive firmware is version HL03. AHA! I booted my 2007 iMac into a Mavericks partition that I have installed on my HDD (to test out such matters prior to myself upgrading to Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9)). I ran Toast 10 and successfully made one more copy. My conclusion so far is - It is not Toast 10 and it is not Mavericks. I suppose that it still might be my new iMac - but I doubt it. My guess is that, to use the LG with my new Mac I will need to perform the Firmware upgrade that you yourself kindly suggested. It's not all good news however. The LG firmware upgrade software is an .exe file. So I can't use either iMac to perform the firmware upgrade. I will need to seek LG's advice about this. Alternatively I could keep the LG Blue-ray writer for my 2007 iMac and get another similar device unit for the new 2014 iMac. Anyway, it seems that, even if USB 3 is intended to be backwards compatible with USB 2 then it might not be, quite, and LG appear to have been caught out by this - at least it seems that they had been for a short while. Thanks for your help Tsantee. I will let you know how I get on with LG.
  5. I am using a brand new iMac 3.5 ghz core i7 running MacOS 10.9.5 to which I have attached an LG BP06LU10 blue-ray reader/writer. I have just tried to copy an ordinary DVD disc with some home video on it to another disc DVD-R using Toast 10 Disc Copy . It reads, then ejects, the disk okay. However when insert a blank DVD-R it writes the Lead IN track but the quits with the error above. I have searched the internet but, although there are people with a very similar problem, mine seems to be unique in that everyone else seems to get error 5 (-5?), whereas I get error -32030. I have tried 'Repairing Permissions' and using both USB plugs to power the LG External burner. On my other iMac the LG works fine with just one its two USB plugs inserted into the back of the computer. Another thing I have noticed is that, when this failure occurs, Toast 10's "Read From:" option under Disk Copy changes to read "FireWire CD-ROM" instead of my LG Drive. Furthermore my LG Drive is no longer an option. This means that I have to quit Toast 10 in order to eject my blank DVD. I also notice that my blank DVDs appear to have been rendered unusable.
  6. Hoof Hearted

    Advice Sought: Avhcd Archive Option In Toast 10

    Thanks Tsantee I've some BD-RWs hanging around. I'll start playing around with them and Toast tomorrow. The stuff's only for archive purposes so for me write speed isn't an issue. However, I'm not sure what you mean by "the disc can only be read by your Blu-ray drive". Do you mean, if my Blue ray drive dies and I replace it with, say, the same make and model, the replacement won't be able to retrieve the data? I've heard something along such lines relating to RAID 1 HDDs created by MacOS compared with RAID 1 HDDs that are created with the hardware's own software/firmware. I heard this some years ago and never followed it up so my recall may be somewhat inaccurate.
  7. I have been borrowing my Dad's Panasonic HD camcorder when I go on holiday. It uses SHDC cards and I use iMovie to edit/play/share the contents. Over time I find that I now have two 8GB SDHC cards each partially filled with holiday video captured over several years. Prompted by the purchase of a Fuji FinePix W3 3D camera that uses SDHC cards I thought I would archive the contents of these cards to DVD+R then erase them in order that I may then allocate, either one or the other, to the Fuji 3D camera. As it stands the data on both SDHC cards will fit on a single DVD with room to spare. In fact one card has 1.9 GB, the other 1.16 GB. Playing with the AVCHD Archive option in Toast 10 it seems to me that I can only burn the contents of these cards one at a time. Thus requiring a second session to burn the second card to another separate DVD and so wasting the space on the first DVD. I'm a relative newbie to burning DVDs and such, but my understanding (up to now) is that only CD's support multi session burning; DVDs and BDR discs do not. However I need to burn both cards to my chosen DVD in one go. Hence my question; Am I wrong - DVD/BDRs can be burned multi-session? Or is there is a workaround using Toast 10 to permit archiving more that one SDHC card to a single DVD (or Blue Ray) disc at one go? I realise the Toast 10 can do this in other situations but the files on my SdHC cards are not VIDEO_TS as far as I know. So, to sum up, I have two or more partially filled SDHC cards used in an AVHCD camera that I m trying to work out how to "archive" to a single DVD/BDR disc.