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    Lost Cd Key

    Well i am sorry i made a mistake
  2. GrayHam

    Lost Cd Key

    Well i found i had a old account and i registered a key with it so i am set so sorry to have taken you`re time Jim thanks
  3. GrayHam

    Lost Cd Key

    If you are saying i go to register a new product i tried the serial number was invalid for some reason
  4. GrayHam

    Lost Cd Key

    So i lost my CD key would it be possible to get a new one with my serial number or the key on the bottom of the roxio box
  5. Thanks for the help anyway i will sub to you as thanks
  6. Yea that solves thanks but now when i go to stop recording and it stops responding
  7. So in november i bought a Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro and was very excited to get started with gameplay so i connected my Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro to my computer and then i go to the software and The Status says ready so i wait for the preview screen and nothing i hear my xbox 360 but no preview screen so i go try and call them to figure out i have to pay for it so me refusing to pay a company that charges people for costoumer service i scour the internet for info but nothing so i accept roxio screwed me and move on now i firgure out i can make a thread on their site so i am asking you guy's what do i do i tried everything from setting the video format to reinstalling the sfotware i am out of options can someone please help me out.