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    Editing Aspect Ratio 16:10?

    Uncommon aspect ratios are unsuported in editing. It would just be helpful if they where. All it would be is an extra format in the format selection list and should have no efect on 16:9 users.
  2. zelalith

    Editing Aspect Ratio 16:10?

    I would like to sugest an update for videowave that alows the format to be 16:10. My computer monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and it makes my videos after editing in 16:9 have a black border and lowers the quality. suport for less common aspect ratios would be verry helpfull. To make thing a bit clear it dose make the videos in the right aspect ratio. The format for editing is just not the same aspect ratio as the video. It makes the video the right size but in the fotage in the video slightly smaller and adds a black border to the edges. I can post a before and after of the video file to help show the issue.