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  1. rough93


    I am sorry but I've just had one problem after another with this software, YouTube connections, wires, software, and I'm done , I'm sorry but I just want to get rid f this ting which I can so I'm done, thanks to those who helped me, but it built up, Roxio take notes. take notes and get better
  2. rough93

    Roxio Game Capture Help!

    I had the same problem during set up, you have to mess around a bit with the channel on TV or the wires, go with what jinsuke says
  3. rough93

    Life Talk

    im just waiting for a guru to come online that helped me yesterday
  4. rough93

    Life Talk

    good to hear
  5. rough93

    Life Talk

    This forum says for talk not related to Roxio products and that seems to be all I see so..... How is everyone? anyone from outside the US?
  6. hey guys, I have a huge problem and the fact I have to pay $25 to get help doesn't help, my software freezes up and closes when I try to narrate the video, I tried all the options on the help pages for the problem but with no success, on top of that my computer has now stopped working so I am using a new computer now. I need to re install the software but no longer have the disc. if any guru's see this, please forward my details or at least send me a message, I need to re-download. PLEASE, Thank you so much, rough93