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  1. Steve H.

    Videowave Gui Color

    Yes that's the colors I have. It must be the version.
  2. Steve H.

    Videowave Gui Color

    Hi all, I was looking at all the videowave tutorials on youtube and I noticed something. Everyones videowave GUI is dark grey while mine is white. The build version I have is 14OB32a. (Part of Creator NXT Pro) Is there any way to change the GUI or did I just happen to get a version that is white only? Thanks Steve
  3. Steve H.

    Splitting A Video And Removing A Scene.

    Thank you. I knew it could be done but the help contents and Creator Manual really stink and don't even mention splitting or the fact you have to be in timeline mode do it. Thank you again. Seve
  4. Hi all, I am using VideoWave in Creator NXT Pro. I have a 40 minute video I want to edit. What is the easiest method for splitting the move into 2 or more videos? also, I want to remove a scene in the middle of a video. What is the best way to do this? All I can find is how to trim the beginning and end of a video. Thanks
  5. Steve H.

    How Do I Copy A Video From An Internet Site?

    Try Real player. It comes with a function to download videos from websites.