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    Xbox One Is Not Showing Up On My Gamecappro

    JIM: Before I did all of the fancy stuff you were talking about, I decided to do a complete uninstall of the software and reinstallation to see what would happen. And as a quick side note to this: note that I did record my Xbox One footage before! As I stated in the previous post, when I was at home during the holiday season I did record a bit of teaser footage from my Xbox One, and it worked well. No issues or corruption whatsoever. But, after the complete uninstall, unplugging of all cables and connections, I reinstalled the software from the beginning. Restarted system, plugged in USB to install driver, then hooked up my In and Out HDMI from Xbox One to Roxio, and Roxio to TV. I now have the ability to capture! Here's a screenshot to show the difference, again in Gyazo form: http://gyazo.com/19fb51042bd5d0b9907159df1fefc01d So as you can see, a simple uninstall-reinstall was sufficient for my software to recover it's apparent lost abilities. Thanks for your help, and I hope the OP is able to try this with success as well! David
  2. drdboiler

    Xbox One Is Not Showing Up On My Gamecappro

    I'd like to contribute to this issue, if it is okay with the OP and anyone offering advice for help! I got an Xbox One for Christmas, and I've had my Roxio GameCap HD Pro for a year, since the previous holiday season. I've recorded plenty of Xbox 360 footage and also some PC footage as well, minor issues here and there, but all were solved, mainly thanks to your help, Jim. Now, I recently moved back up to College, and had to re-set up all of my electronics, etc. When I was at home, however, I had my Roxio hooked up to my Xbox 360, ready to record. Once I got the Xbox One, I wanted to record a bit of footage for a teaser video for my channel, so I simply moved the One console, switched out the HDMI cables from my 360 to the One in the input of the Roxio, and opened the software, boom, bang, good to go. Since I've moved up here to school, I'm currently having issues with the capture software. I'll post a screenshot below, of the capture software. Jim, I've got a bookmarked troubleshoot topic that I used last year that was extremely helpful. So I referred back to that, and went through all of those steps, and I've still got nothing. I then decided I'd try a different input, to be sure it wasn't just some Xbox One settings issue. I plugged my HDMI for my PC Monitor in the way I've always done, and just like I thought, still no signal on the caputer software, in red text. So, I'm not quite sure why, all of the sudden, it's not working, when it was working finer than frog hair just a week ago! I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to be sure to be thorough, and hopefully condense the post count, if possible! Here's the screenshot of my capture program, in the form of a Gyazo link: http://gyazo.com/fd8...9d68956519aba52 Thanks for any help for the both of us, I'm hoping this is the same sort of issue the OP is having! David *EDIT* Another symptom of this seems to be, I can't even open the options dialog from the Tools in the menu bar of the capture software. It says the program has stopped working and forces me to close. Just a quick add on there.
  3. drdboiler

    Capturing Pc -- No Sound?

    You legend. Thanks. Perfect solution! Changed topic to solved.
  4. drdboiler

    Capturing Pc -- No Sound?

    Yes that is correct; I had a feeling that having speakers plugged in would in turn disable the sound through the HDMI. Thanks for the input, I'll give it a shot at let you know. EDIT: So I unplugged my speakers, and recorded a small sample clip, and it did record sound. But I didn't switch off the "preview audio" button in the capture software, so there was a load, compounding buzz going through my headphones that was nearly deafening. I then switched off the preview volume and recorded another small clip, but this time with headphones in a jack on my tower, and the sound was recorded, however I could hear no sound whilst playing. Do I need to have the preview audio button enabled on the software in order to hear sound in game or is that another issue? EDIT2: I think I've figured out what I need to do in order to hear real-time game volume and record at the same time. I just turned my TV on, which has the Output HDMI hooked up, and I can hear my real-time sound through it. But only the game, it seems like. I can't hear anything like a YouTube video through it. I just need to test a few other programs that I use while I'm playing games, and see what all needs to be done. Thanks for your help, ogdens!
  5. drdboiler

    Capturing Pc -- No Sound?

    Hi ogdens, I'm using HDMI from my CPU to the capture device, then the capture device to a TV on my desk also via HDMI.
  6. drdboiler

    Capturing Pc -- No Sound?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums, but I have had my Roxio GameCap HD Pro since last Christmas. I've recorded plenty of videos from my Xbox console, and have had zero audio problems with the captured footage. However, I've begun recording footage from my PC games, and have noticed that there is no, what I like to call "internal sound" coming from the footage. All you can hear is the speakers playing into my external microphone. Is there a way to record the internal PC sound from the Roxio? Thanks for input. Also, another issue I'd like to ask for advice on, without starting a new thread, is the capture quality of my PC. When I record from my Xbox, I can get crystal clear 1080p video, but when I record my PC the video resolution is a lot sloppier. It seems as though it records in closer to 480p. Thanks again! Dave