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  1. Meridian

    Adobe Flash Player

    I no longer use Photoshop as I have switched to Apple. However, I understand Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued at the end of the year.
  2. Hi Rizzo Sorry I cannot help you. I have not used Photoshow for a long time as my computer crashed and I lost everything and have switch to Apple. However,from memory would suggest the Roxio Easy CD.DVD burning software would have been art of the Photoshop and is still available.Hope this helps....Have a great day.
  3. ​...I have a premium membership and the desktop version which i have not installed yet. From prior topics i understand i can include video clips if i install the desktop version. Is this correct? Also if i install the desktop version is there any conflict in that i already have access to the premium version? Thanks for any comments
  4. Meridian

    Photoshow Only Burns Music Not Pictures.

    Hi.......I think you should be burning to a DVD. CD'S are for music only> I am new using Photoshow but having no problem burning DVD'S.
  5. Meridian

    Purchase Of Photoshow Premium

    Maybe I will be in a position to provide some assistance in the future......I am ordering the Photoshow Premium to-day....Thanka!
  6. Meridian

    Purchase Of Photoshow Premium

    I am purchasing Photshow premium and the installation CD...From past experience how long does it take to receive the CD and if you do not receive it who do you contact?
  7. Meridian

    Purchase Of Photoshow Premium

  8. Meridian

    Purchase Of Photoshow Premium

    Looking back I agree my questions are relatively the same and I apologize for this.......I am new to this type of system and reviewing past post entries i am trying to determine if I am making a wise purchase or getting in late to what may be a dying project? I understand if I get the CD I can probably survive with the system as it stands now..Also,while I am at it could you please give me some insight into your involvement in helping others? If as you mentioned earlier this is a Rozio site are you commenting on behalf of them or as part of the community?....Your help is very much appreciated.
  9. Meridian

    Purchase Of Photoshow Premium

    What is the main purpose of the CD? Do you need it to run the system or is it just back-up?..thanks
  10. Meridian

    Addressees For Photoshow

    Not sure I understand Daltons comments?Also,even if Photoshow was not available in the future,am I correct in assuming the cd installation woulld always enable you to do Photoshows?
  11. Are there other products similar to Roxio photoshop ? It seems simple but is it an application that will be discontinued? Is it still reasonably popular? My music is all on cd's. Can they be converted to MP3 format and if so how?...Thanks
  12. Meridian

    Other Products Similar To Roxio Photoshow

    I have tried the trial version of Roxio Photoshow ans agree it is very limited.My mention of its popularity was more related to ":are people still applying and/or renewing it" .You have been very helpful to me in deciding to enroll in it as it is not expensive and you mention earlier that you could supply some installation tips.I assume these would be applicable to installation using the DVD....
  13. Can you add music from ITunes or direct from a music cd? Also,can you save several Photos on hard drive and then burn all to a dvd? Thanks
  14. Meridian

    Adding Music From I Tunes Or Direct From Music Cd

    I currently use Sony movie studio for large projects and thought the Photoshow premiun might be a little less cpmoliocated and could be fun. I was concverned about the music as i have many cd's and would like to use them. Is dowmload version # 6 and is it the same as the DVD if i get it? Appreciate your comments.
  15. Meridian

    Roxio Photoshow

    I would be interested in those who have purchased the premium package and their experience with it, Did the photoshow work as soon as downloaded and how long did it take to get the CD? Also,has anyone tried to cancel subscription before renewal and how? Comments will be appreciated...Bob
  16. Meridian


    Thanks for your quick reply.....When you purchase the premiun edition you can get an installation cd for an extras charge. Which one is edition 6,the download or the cd? I currently use Sony Movie Studio for larger projects and am looking for a less complicated fun application. Is ot easy to cancel subscriptions?
  17. Meridian


    I am considering downloading this product but find there is a lot of information on support missing?Who is supporting photoshow/? Is in fact a viable product but will be discontinued shortly. Also, can you just buy the installation CD?