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    Photos Not Showing When Emailed

    I emailed a photoshow to myself to ensure it was ok before sending to friends. As the previous post mentions I can hear the music but the screen is black. I can view this photoshow on the same PC when I play a DVD that I burned and also when I "watch" the show through my account. Does this still mean that my computer does not have the correct vido codecs ( I am uninformed enough to not know what this means)? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. It works!!! You are a great problem solver. Thank you. Now if I can remember the tricks for burning the show to a DVD I am a happy camper. Thanks Again.
  3. Again, I thank you for problem solving strategies. I will try your suggestion of leaving Wondershare video editor out of the mix. I did experiment with an AVI video file from a photoshow completed 5 years ago (this file works in that photoshow and was not clipped with Wondershare). My present photoshow could not add that AVI file to the show. I will consider uploading my video file to yaa.im. if I can decifer how to accomplish this task. Thank you for the assistance
  4. More information that I should have shared is that I downloaded another Version 6 to use from my PC. This time I used an AVI file format for the video still photoshow responded with a dialog box The following item could not be added to your photoshow. Any ideas?
  5. I am still trying to solve why the video clip would not be accepted. I went back to Wondershare Video Editor and saved the file as a .wmv file which would be opened by a windows media player. Back to Roxio photoshow I tried to click in the wmv file but the Roxio photoshow could not see the wmv file. what are your thoughts?
  6. You are so kind to keep encouraging me with my family photoshow. I have version 6 of photoshow. Because my video clip from my Nikon camera was over the 50MBs. I bought Wondershare Video Editor and downloaded it to my PC. I created 3 video clips of approximately 10 M each. Using the Roxio photoshow on my desktop version I tried to download the clips but then a text box message said the file could not be downloaded ( no reason given). Now that I look at the properties of the video files I believe that I see what is is wrong with the file: Apple Media.mov the Wondershare Video Editor saves the file as an Apple Media mov file. ...oh my...I thought that mov files worked no matter what. is the problem that mov files only work on a Mac not on my PC?
  7. Thank you for the offer to try the file. I do not wish to download my file to this site. Thanks again for your generous offer.
  8. I have a mov file that is 10 MB in size. MY photoshow project will not allow it to be inserted. Why?
  9. tutor

    Doesm't Work Right Anymore

    not sure..obviously the first time I did something wrong. Thanks again.
  10. tutor

    Doesm't Work Right Anymore

    Thank you!!! Windows DVD Maker worked. I was able to burn a DVD that both my DVD player and computer will read.
  11. tutor

    Doesm't Work Right Anymore

    Windows DVD Maker did not work either. The DVD plays in the computer but not the DVD player. What DVD authoring program do you recommend?
  12. tutor

    Doesm't Work Right Anymore

    Thanks for the info that the photoshow is broken for burning your own DVD. Thanks also for the idea of using the thumb drive in a smart TV...that works fine. I still wanted a DVD to play in a DVD player so tried burning a DVD using Imgburn. The resulting DVD would only work in the computer not the DVD player. Disappointing.
  13. tutor

    Doesm't Work Right Anymore

    I believe that my problem might be related to this topic. I have used photoshow previously and have been pleased with the resulting DVD burned on my computer that played in the DVD players displaying the show on a TV. It was easy. Now when I view the share page of photoshow I have to export the files first and then burn the files to a DVD. The resulting DVD can only be viewed on a computer. It is not compatible with a DVD player. This is disappointing as the TV viewing of a show is so wonderful. Has photoshow changed? I believe my version is 6.00