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    Bad Quality?

    Thanks for the answer! The film is about 6 min long. The DNxHD codec is the Avid HD codec, much like Apples prores. I converted the file into a prores to se if it would work better with Toast but i had the same problem but now i see that the bit rate was really high on that one to. So i'm guessing the bit rate is the problem then, i'll export another file with a lower bit rate and see if that makes any difference.
  2. Ragge

    Bad Quality?

    Hello! I have a problem with Toast Titanium 10. I want to burn a DVD, but the quality always gets really bad, which is weird. Toast is usually able to compress huge files and maintain good quality but now it’s not working for me. When I have it set to automatic compression and drag the file into Toast it only takes 341MB of the DVD. The file I want to burn is a .mov file that is 5GB and has a bit rate of 123.12 mbit/s. It’s a full-HD file with a DNxHD codec. How can I get Toast to use all of the disc space? I’m not finding how to do it under the custom settings? I don’t want to compress the original file because it always loses quality when I try to make it in to a H.264 or similar. Many thanks!