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    Loss Of Audio

    Hey, Digital Guru. Thanks for responding. First, it is an SD card and I am using both 16 GB and 2 GB cards. I used my Canon Power Shot camera. Each video reads "MVI Quick Time Movie" when highlighted. iI am using Creator 2012 Pro. I am making a vacation Video with pics and movies to view with music on a DVD. When the video is downloaded to my computer, it plays back with no issues. Even when I am in the Roxio program, ready to add videos, the selected video plays correctly. Also, when I add the video to the project, and go into the edit mode, it plays correctly, but when reviewing the project, the vdeo plays correctly, but the audio stops about 2/3 of the way through playing, with the video continuing. Also, when I go into the Native Audio function, it only displays 2/3 of the audio on the sound bar. I even burned the existing project, but still the audio cuts out. Does that give you more info?
  2. PVK4

    Loss Of Audio

    After adding videos from my memory card into a progect, the audio cuts out after 1/2 of the movie. Help!