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    Eq And Compresion

    Thanks... is easy, I'm looking for a alternative to WaveBurner and webs links put me in this way... I need and easy audio editor (level-eq-fade-compresor) and make an audio CD with the playlist edit in this way, I know other programs, but WaveBurner was perfect, you do all the job and then toast your proyect, WaveBurner for basic proyects was better even than ProTools... and I'm looking for a similar program run in my mac with OS X Lion Mountain. But it seems difficult, strangely difficult.
  2. FernandoAlvarez

    Eq And Compresion

    Hi, I want buy the Creator NXT Pro, but I have a question, I know you can do play list and edit and fade song... but can you add some plugging like Eqd and compress?... I need give more level to some songs than the original, no only a fader from 0 to down. In fact, can use your software for do a basic mastering in my playlist?.