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    Coverting .mts Files To Prores With Surround Sound

    Thanks for the suggestions for alternatives.
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    Coverting .mts Files To Prores With Surround Sound

    > are more channels available other than Mono & Stereo? I see that others are greyed out on my Mac Yes, that's my situation. Nothing is available other than Mono and Stereo. Here's my flow of conversion for Titanium 11: Drag files into the window Select Convert in the row of buttons across the top Click the red convert button in lower right In the pop up dialogue, select QuickTime Movie as the device For Quality, I click on Change ... In following pop up dialogue, I select Settings ... , then for Compression Type I choose Apple ProRes 222, click OK For Size ... , I select the original recording size I make sure Sound is checked, but for Settings ... I'm given only Mono and Stereo. The options for other sound recordings (including 5.1 surround) are greyed out no matter what Format I select.
  3. I've converted some .MTS files from my Sony VG-20 with surround sound to Apple ProRes, but the sound has been downgraded to stereo. Is there a way to maintain the surround sound when I do the conversion?