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  1. Apologies, let me clarify, my main PC is in the beta but I have another Windows 8 machine that isn't in the 8.1 beta and that too has the the same issue.
  2. Hello there, just purchased a Roxio Game Capture (not the HD), followed the instructions to install it, I read a few threads beforehand to ensure I was doing it correctly (as advised by a mate of mine who had issues installing his). Those threads mentioned that I would have to install all the software and drivers before plugging in the device - it's pretty standard with most hardware like this anyway - so I obliged. I get to the part where you plug the device in and it comes up that it's an unkown device in the device manager window. I searched manually for the drivers on the Roxio Disc and found what I believed to be the correct ones - in doing so I was asked to choose between Roxio GAMECAP and Roxio Video Capture USB - choosing both of them bears the same result - I get an error code 10 saying the device cannot start. It's literally brand new out of the box so I highly doubt the device is faulty (although i'm not ruling it out). I wondered if it's something to do with the fact that I'm running Windows 8.1? Or am I doing something else wrong? Anyway as it stands currently I have a useless box at the moment - I had nothing but trouble with the Dazzle Platinum and was told this was better but at least I could record something on the Dazzle Any ideas what might be causing this issue? Any help would be much appreciated. Dan