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  1. Hi Sknis. I have a Windows 7 PC. Windows 7 Premium, 64, 16 GB memory, 1 TB hard drive, 1 GB video memory, Norton 360 Anti Virus. I click on the box on the lower right of the screen that asks if you want to create a new photo show. After clicking on it, it immediately starts the "wait" circle but it does not stop. I went to the on-line web version and it too does the same thing after clicking on the make a new photo show. What could have changed between 4 or 5 days ago and then this. If I go to the on-line directory of my shows, login, then I can start an existing show, stop it, go to the right side and click on make a new show. This is the only way. It appears this version 6 is not working well as a local version actually on my computer and on-line with version 6 premium. Thank you for trying to help. jeff
  2. Day 5 and it still goes in circles. Internet is good at 20mb. No problems with any other site or program. Thank you for responding. Jeff
  3. When I click on "New Photo Show" it appear to start and then just shows a large circle turning counter clockwise and it never stops to the section to start creating a new show. Version 6, current is updates. Help...
  4. I have Roxio Photo Show Premium Ver. 6