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    Won't Record Sound On Pc

    So I have been searching everywhere for the past 2 hours and still have found no answers. I have my roxio hooked up as I type. My laptop is connected to the roxio through a hdmi cord and then another hdmi cord from the roxio into my tv. As you can see I am trying to record pc games (amnesia right now). I have a turtle beach px3 hooked to my laptop and just for giggles I put the red and white audio piece into the "output" port on the roxio. I can't hear anything. No sound from my tv and nothing on the recording. I can hear myself talk to myself through my mic and headphones but nothing else. I'm starting to think you can't record live commentary while playing a pc game. I can see everything perfectly fine and it records the picture nicely but I can't hear anything.
  2. ZmbyZhaeyne

    Won't Record Sound On Pc

    I just tested to see if I have to actual play the game to hear everything and fond out that I CAN'T hear ANYTHING. Help would be much appreciated.