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    Black Bars On Recordings

    it's fine, I'm a programmer... I'm used to super confusing problems ;p
  2. youngwolf0

    Black Bars On Recordings

    Cool, thanks for the help
  3. youngwolf0

    Black Bars On Recordings

    So is this normal behaviour? I assumed that something was mis-configured.
  4. youngwolf0

    Black Bars On Recordings

    I have just bought the game capture hd pro and i am having a problem with black bars appearing at both the top, bottom and sides of my videos. The video source is a pc set to a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The signal is passing through fine and the roxio software is capturing no problem (apart from black bars). The video quality slider is all the way to the right at it's maximum setting, format is set as M2TS (for some reason this is the only option) When I go to tools -> options the profile is set at "HD 1080P", video bitrate is "1500" kbps. When I put the recording software in full screen mode I see the black bars, I also see them when I play the captured video in vlc player. I don't see any other settings that could affect this, does anyone know how to fix it? I could fix it in editing (I use sony vegas, but I'd rather be capturing at optimal resolution and not loosing quality to black bars). Attached is a screenshot of video captured with the card (I'm recording on a different computer to the source one, that's why roxio software isn't visible.)