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  1. In summer 2006 I burned 12 disks using Spanning through [i'm pretty sure] Toast 8 - I wanted to restore them and work with them now, so got out the disks - the Restore icon was crossed out, apparently because on my intel Mac it needed Rosetta to run. I installed SnowLeopard on a partition, downloaded Rosetta and tried again. This time RoxioRestore did work but it said it couldn't restore the spanned images = that I needed to have Toast - I was able to click and drag the images over to a drive folder but on importing them to Aperture, almost 430 iimages were 'unsupported image format' or corrupted. I have done all the steps to fix the issue in Aperture but I'm convinced the issue is the lack of proper restoring using Toast/Roxio Restore. Any suggestions regarding what can be done? I have been talking to someone in customer support and he sugg. I start a thread here in case someone here might have an answer. I have now imported the images into two separate and different Aperture Libraries and done all the other tech stuff [i'm running 10.7.5 on my MacPro] - still have the 430 or so defective images.
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    Problems Restoring Older Disks`- Toast On A Mac

    Thank you -- I did do an import - actually copied over pics to a drive then imported = guess maybe the Toast copying process messed up the images - there may be no way I can fix the images, now - thanks
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    Problems Restoring Older Disks`- Toast On A Mac

    That's how I noticed the problem = I put the disks in the computer and realized that the Roxio Restore app on the disks did not work in my 10.7.5 OS so I had to create a partition, install Snowleopard, bring in Rosetta and then the disks "Roxio Restore" was recognized but kept giving me a message that I had to Have a CD or DVD with Toast used to span to restore from = which was what I was trying to restore from = so I had to click and drag - Aperture 3.4.5 that I now have is on my main 10.7.5 machine but not on the SnowLeopard partition. I can see if I can find the RR in the Library and no, I didn't do any compression = these are all the original images -