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  1. wb2001

    Blank Dvd+R Media

    Anyone ever use the HP branded RED or SILVER? Who is the actual manufacturer? Is it still CMC?
  2. wb2001

    Blank Dvd+R Media

    Redwagon, I used the DVD Stomper years ago for CD's. Tried it with DVD's, but had problems with the video skipping. Read numerous discussions about the skipping issue, and paper labels. Maybe be I need to run some tests on duplicate DVD's.
  3. wb2001

    Blank Dvd+R Media

    cdanteek , The HP Gold have CMC MAG M01 -00 REDWAGON, I quit using labels on DVD media. Just use a Sharpie marker. myguggi , I use the DVD media in my hobby. Although I have several 1T hard drives, those are used to clone my 2 systems during scheduled maintenance.
  4. wb2001

    Blank Dvd+R Media

    I have been purchasing only the HP branded DVD+R (gold color) media for many years. Just got my last shipment of HP branded DVD+R media ordered. The store is (HHGregg), and their scouring shelves to rid themselves of the product. The word I got from the manager was the 5 different stores are involved in locating (6) 50 packs. My prior shipment from Meritline (20) 50 packs, but that was 3 monthes ago. Nowhere are HP DVD+R 100 packs available. Not NewEgg, or TigerDirect. I also use Verbatim (silver), it's 1st tier. Not the Life or Value series. Taiyo Yuden is JVC (1st tier quality). Manufacturers and branding, here is the cross-reference list to codes Imgburn is great to determine the actual manufacturer of your HP media, but after the fact. Question: Other than Verbatim, what brands have you used with GREAT success. I only have 1400 blank (Gold colored) HP's left. I have seen some RED colored HP's, and also some Silver HP's. Anyone using these, and do you know the actual Manufacturer. See the cross-reference list above.