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    No Key

    I appreciate the help you all have given me , Please pass it along. Thank You
  2. Roncapt

    No Key

    Yes and it shows 17 characters not including the dashes and it shows as registered, sorry forgot the first 2, But my questions is why cannot I upgrade to newest program since I just bought it 13 days ago?
  3. Roncapt

    No Key

    Support page states a nine digit number , I have a fifteen digit no, Have checked on Digital river and only have a fifteen digit number and it won't let me upgrade through the Pro creator program without charging me another $75.00 Been a member since Creator 4
  4. Roncapt

    No Key

    Yes I registered it - Have conformation e-mail - no numbers or keys, yes I tried to upgrade - no updates available, And yes I checked and it states Product is registered
  5. Roncapt

    No Key

    I have register my Purchase as of 9-5-2013 and received a conformation that I had registered my NXT Pro. But have not gotten a key. How come it is so hard to call or talk to a sales rep or tech support? I need to find some information out as why I can't upgrade to NXT PRO2 as I have just bought my product 10 days ago ?