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  1. Hello,

    with Easy VHS to DVD I can record TV via the Swisscom Box directly to my laptop. But all recordings are in format 4:3, but I want the format 16:9 (TV), how can I record in format 16:9? I tried all préférences, but it is only in 4.3.

    Thanks for your help

    Alfons L Reiter

  2. Hello,


    I made un error, I cleared my message. Sorry. Here it's new:

    The 11th december I buyed NXT2, but the download crashed and Roxio sayed that I have used 3 times the download. The download started very late and I have the impression that heer was un problem downloading.

    Now I have nothing, no file in "download". Can you help me? Send un new link for wonload please.Here are the infos of command-confimation:

    Numéro de client : 303521185713

    Numéro de commande : 17939386945

    Mot de passe : zf90b3

    Date de la commande : 11 décembre 2013


    Alfons L Reiter

    Quartier des Pugessies 17


    Yverdon-les-Bains 1400

    +41 24 425 88 83



    Adresse d'expédition :

    Quartier des Pugessies 17


    Yverdon-les-Bains 1400


    +41 24 425 88 83



    Référence du produit: ESDRCRNXT2ML

    Nom du produit: Creator NXT 2 - ESD (Sale)

    Qté commandée: 1

    Montant: €46,29

    Clé de produit:



    Thank you very much

    Alfons L Reiter

  3. Hello,

    the 11th déc. I buyed NXT2, the download crashed and I can't download NXT2 anymore (Roxio sayed, 3 times used). My mail to the CostumerService don't have un answer.

    With the older version 10 downloads are permissed, with NXT2 only 3 times. This is not a very good solution by Roxia (I think when you buyed a programm, It's yours forever!)

    Can you help me? I can send you the Confirmation-Infos of Roxio. I want use the programm with the promised new version!

    Many Thanks.

    Alfons L Reiter

  4. Hello, I have the same problem. After un number of try to re-install Creator NXT, I am now at the limite of installations. Creator NXT works perfectly over many months. But suddenly all bloced after clicking on the icon.

    I tryed to re-install and unstall many times Creator NXT, but I have always the answer that the installation has terminated with message of aborting installation. And now I have un message of limitation of installations. I have also PSP 5 XPro, who works fin.

    Thanks for help. Greeting from Switzerland