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    Hdmi Vs Component Set Up? (Hd Pro)

    I found a way to mostly fix my last issue, but the videowave software still sucks. I'll sell it eventually.
  2. I recently heard that the quality of a capture using HDMI set-up is better then Component set-up. I've also seen one "test" video on YouTube, but I'm not sure if its legit? Has anyone tested this themselves? Also, is it possible to do HDMI in/Component out (or vise-versa), and if so; how will that quality fare against just component or HDMI?
  3. How am I shooting myself in the the foot? The Roxio "videowave" software is sh*t. Very glitchy; always needing a workaround, and like I said- doesn't even have a feature as simple as making a clip "fade-in/fade-out". The hell with a transition. Now I appreciate you trying to help, but you've been none. Your links for a Sony Vegas fix; irrelevant. I already know to extract audio from videowave to use in Vegas, and as for AVIDEMUX.. I tried it. Another workaround that isn't consistent. Then I tried the green bar fix, and the problem still persist. I've got my solution already. Sell.
  4. Well, even if that was possible, I don't think it would solve the issue. Yeah, my Roxio works fine while capturing. The software is just crap. The file type it outputs is just crap. The device is just crap. Guess I'll just throw it out.
  5. Ok, so aside from the fact that the software that comes w/ the HD Pro is complete crap (I mean really, how in the hell do you not even have a "fade in, fade out" option?); I seem to constantly be getting this problem whenever I set the capture birate to 10kbps or more.. Whenever I set the video bitrate to 10kbps [720p] or more, and try to edit the capture using the software that comes with the Roxio, its all fine... Until I upload to YouTube. When I upload to YouTube there is ALWAYS a half-inch to inch green bar at the bottom of the video-- only when its on YouTube. Futhermore, if I edit the same file using Sony Vegas; no matter what the bitrate (usually 8 or more tho), the finished render project will always pixalate horrifically at random parts in the video. This is definitely not a system spec problem; nor a cooling problem (I dont think). Any fix suggestions? Like a different, COMPATIBLE editing program? I'm not lowering the bitrate. Less bitrate equals lesser quality. Just want to see if there is a workaround before I sell or smash this pos.