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  1. I use Roxio a lot, let's face it I capture just about everything I play on xbox with my Roxio HP PRO, BUT. Every time I try to use it, I only use HDMI, but it always chooses to try and go to Component plugin. I don't use component at all. anyone know how to fix this issue? The only fix I can find is to load the capture program and choose HDMI, I also use this for Xsplit and streaming. What can I do?
  2. Alenori

    Red " No Singal " Issues ( Xbox Hdmi )

    "I had errors regarding .img files for the in-software buttons" - what does that mean? How does it relate to Roxio? In Roxio using the Capture button, and clicking it to start the capture, it would show Errors regarding .img files for the Stop Capture button. I have ultimately got this to work by completely uninstalling EVERYTHING to do with Roxio, including the RGC Device. I installed everything again, starting with the software then the drivers for the RGC Device. It does have Hiccups every now and again, but I am able to get it back up and running, one main thing is that I will try to stop a capture then it would Not respond then freeze up the Capture Tools.
  3. Alenori

    Red " No Singal " Issues ( Xbox Hdmi )

    The file was taken using Roxio program, for system informations. The color for no signal is Red, as it also says in the Title of this post. The RGC worked before, then it just stopped working. I had errors regarding .img files for the in-software buttons. and yes a different source,and it still did not work. I DID use the 'services' post to help to see if that was the problem, but it did not work.
  4. Alenori

    Red " No Singal " Issues ( Xbox Hdmi )

    I looked around on here on have found nothing so far, I looking into going into the services area, and fixing the roxio media thing, can't fully remember the name. That did not work either. I attached an RGC log as well. I have tried 1. Uninstalling, re-installing. 2. repairing. 3. removing device software/drivers, and then re-installing. Still did not work. Help would be appreciated. RGC_Log_9212013_0.txt