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    Nxt Error Message

    Thank you to the two Digital Garu's that answered me. I did as suggested, the download started perfectly, however, the "Key" has been used too many times...lmao. I'll certainly be chatting with someone from Roxio / Digital Rivers shortly. Thanks for your help guys
  2. John from Telford

    Nxt Error Message

    On trying to install NXT on a Windows 8 Pro 64-bit system, I receive the following message : ERROR--"Setup has determined that your configuration does not support any of the included products". I purchased this this product on December 1, 2012 replacing Creator 2012. It downloaded properly when first purchased, but, due to a system failure resulting in re-installing from factory disks, it will not get past that error message. Has anyone had this problem, or know what I can possibly do to correct it ?